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Is There An Area of Your Life in Need of Clarity, Insight, or Healing?


PREP FOR PROSPERITY offers psychotherapy services that foster, nurture, and promote Mental Health and Emotional Wellness for Individuals, Families, Children, Couples, Groups, and School Communities. Sessions are designed to help you gain clarity and insight into critical areas of your life and discover new and more fulfilling ways of thinking, feeling, and being.  To do this, techniques and interventions for managing stress, coping with changes, and strengthening your internal locus of control are explored in session. Jungian Analytic, Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT), and Somatic approaches to wellness, including Brainspotting and Active Imagination are utilized and can incorporate art, creative expression, mindfulness, and experiential activities that facilitate clarity, healing, insight, and strategies for healthy relationships, reconnecting you to your source of inner wellbeing.

Booking is also available for group events (including Wellness Conferences, Parent Groups, Youth Groups, Church-Based Events, Day Care & School-Based Services to Students, and Professional Development to Staff/Consultant Services for Administration).                                                                                                                    

                           Individual Sessions are 45 minutes

               Group Workshops and Family Sessions are 1 hour

How Can We Help You Take Care of Yourself?


Our mission is to foster, nurture, facilitate, and promote the healing process in children, families, individuals, and parent-child relationships, and to strengthen Mental Health in communities.  Our mission when working with teachers in school settings is to promote the concept of inspired and vision-based teaching from a place of inner wellness so that students can flourish and prosper in an invigorating learning environment.  

Whether we are working with a child or a community group, the purpose of Prep for Prosperity is to meet you where you are, understand what brought you there, and to take the journey alongside you to where you would like to be so that you can prosper.  Our vision is that you will be connected to your inner source of prosperous growth.  We guide you through psychotherapy techniques and use therapeutic tools and interventions for self-insight and personal growth.  


Contact Prep For Prosperity Today and Prepare to Prosper.             Expect to Excel.




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