Holistic Coaching

These intuitive sessions focus on connecting with your body, mind, and spirit and gaining clarity and insight for healing critical areas of your life.  Through powerful methods such as mindfulness, hypnotherapy, guided imagery, journeying with drumming, and visualization you will be provided a compassionate and supportive experience where you will be guided on a journey within yourself to resolve issues, recover lost spiritual Parts, and unlock deeper messages from dreams and memories. Sessions may utilize sound, somatic, and meditative contemplation to help you move through stuck areas, blockages, and distressing issues and head towards freedom, peace, and prosperity in a nonjudgmental and caring space.


With Nicole's powerful use of her highly attuned intuitive ability to create and hold sacred space and effectively teach the experiential process, combined with your innate ability to heal yourself and your relationships and circumstances, you will learn ways to expand your possibilities through a transformative experience.

Nicole is certified in hypnotherapy, formally trained in Levels 1-4 Brainspotting and Somatic Experiencing. Sessions can be weekly, bi-weekly, or as needed..

Holistic Coaching Sessions are $125 for 45 minutes.